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Adding a delegate (Claimant)

To watch a video about this, click here.

You may wish to add a delegate to your profile, this is so that other people within the organisation can authorise/process claims on behalf of yourself or another person.

In order to set up delegation you must first navigate to the toolbar menu, shown on the screenshot below.

This will then present the next screen, on this screen you can add the delegate to your profile.

The delegate is now assigned to your profile so that when that person next logs in, they will get an option to log in as themselves or log into your profile.

Working as a delegate

When you have been delegated by a user you will have a green button available on your toolbar as shown in the screenshot below, this is how you select to work as the person that delegated access.

The below screen will be presented when this button is clicked and you will be shown the list of people who have delegated access. Click the Arrow icon to work as that user, or click Work as myself to work under your own profile.

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